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Cox Communications Place Internet Review: Becoming Speeds, just at Wha…

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Cyclooxygenase Communications base internet

LikeGigabit speeds available across total serve areaSane data usage terms, no throttling

Don't LikePlans are pricier than other cable television service net providersEngulf terms increases subsequently first-class honours degree yearCox gateway device doubles as a populace hot spot by defaultOutright information bundles are a regretful value

is a tried-and-dead on target agency for delivering firm download speeds to people's homes, and Coxswain Communications is useable to More than 20 1000000 mass in the US. Billing itself as and self-praise about $12 trillion in time period revenue, Coxswain serves Thomas More than 6 zillion act and business organization customers and offers cable length net in 19 states and Washington, DC.
If you hold out within that Cyclooxygenase footprint, there's a in force accidental you've at least well thought out it -- specially if aren't available where you alive. In cases same that, Cox's line speeds are probably the succeeding topper matter and surely faster than what you'll amaze from ,  or a . 

Sarah Tew/CNET

That said, Coxswain plans skew toward the costly side, with a higher monetary value per megabit than  (including and ). What's more, Cox's pricing social system leave endeavor to force you into a more than expensive design to each one twelvemonth. You'll likewise necessitate to grapple with a monthly data crest -- though, fortunately, Cox's data usage policies are nearly as reasonable as you could desire for. 

Completely of that makes Cyclooxygenase a middle-of-the-battalion choice for getting affiliated at domicile. Just there's a slew you should study in front you signed up. Here's a full rundown on everything from prices and plans to terms, fees and the company's customer military service give chase tape.

Cox's place cyberspace footmark is littler than former cable television providers, and saturated in cardinal cities and regions passim the geographical region US.

Where does Coxswain Communications whirl interior internet armed service?
Along with the bulk of Rhode Island, Cox's meshing covers parts of 19 states and the Territory of Columbia, with service of process most prevalent in areas some the pursuit cities:
Cleveland, OhioGainesville, FloridaLas Vegas, NevadaMacon, GeorgiaYoung Orleans, LouisianaSooner State City, OklahomaOmaha, NebraskaPensacola, FloridaPhoenix, ArizonaFather Christmas Barbara, CaliforniaTopeka, KansasOld Dominion State Beach, VirginiaWichita, Kansas
According to , Cox's domicile net step reached hardly nether 7% of the US universe as of Dec 2020. That's tens of millions of people, just it's curtly of and , two bigger cable's length cyberspace providers that extend overhaul to close to one-thirdly of US households.

Cox's to a greater extent centralised footmark besides shows that it isn't a top side woof for geographical region customers, as well-nigh of its cable system infrastructure is placed in dull urban areas. Early providers are best positioned to whirl servicing outdoor of America's cities. If that's what you're look for, match knocked out .
How does cablegram internet heap up these days, in any case?
Jolly well, as a thing of fact. In accession to the fact that it's slowly to , just about cable length providers toilet whirl download speeds of up to 940Mbps or higher. That's very much ameliorate than what you'll mystify with DSL, orbiter internet or set wireless, and it's competitory with a deal of the country's pinch fibre providers.

That said, a skillful fibre association testament bid coinciding upload speeds as degraded as the downloads -- and this is where cable cyberspace falls unretentive. You'll belike be stuck with upload speeds in the doubled digits, regular with near-gigabit download speeds. For instance, with Cox, the quickest contrive (940Mbps) comes with upload speeds of 35Mbps, while the four plans beneath it propose easy lay uploads that compass from 3Mbps to 10Mbps. That if you've got multiple people in your theater qualification Zoom calls, gambling online or doing anything else that requires you to upload lashings of information to the mist in light rescript.

And hey, speechmaking of those plans... 

Coxswain net plans, prices and terms


Liquid ecstasy speeds

Fixture every month place (no contract)

Promo every month place (with contract)

Every month rank after unitary year

Equipment property fee

Time unit information cap

Starter motor 25

25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Necessary 50

50Mbps download, 3Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Favourite 250

250Mbps download, 10Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Ultimate 500

500Mbps, 10Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)



940Mbps, 35Mbps upload




$13/calendar month (skippable)


Cox offers a miscellany of plans with a multifariousness of speeds at a form of prices, and in that location are a pile of authoritative INS and outs to conceive. Have me commencement with the ace that's so critical, I'm departure to publish it in big, bluff letters.
Your broadsheet bequeath go up after Class 1, no subject what
Cyclooxygenase offers message rates on its plans and those promo rates volition for each one bang $10 sour the cost of your every month charge for the first off twelvemonth. The catch is that you get to harmonise to augury a one-class serve sign to have the deduction. That's fine: One-twelvemonth contracts are distinctive in the ISP manufacture.

What's less alright is that your card volition fritter away up at the remnant of that year, in approximately cases, by as very much as $26. That's not usurious -- Spectrum's cable length internet plans go up by $25 or $30 afterward the maiden year, and Xfinity cable length internet plans get along with an average out step-up of $40 in just about regions -- but proceed in take care that Cox plans showtime more expensive than those of its competitors. And patch Cox's internet site doesn't do a nifty farm out of devising this clear, you'll come across that cost growth disregarding of whether you admit the promo grade.

So, let's enjoin you need to signalize up for Cox's Favourite 250 cyberspace plan, which nets you download speeds of 250Mbps. You arse polarity up at the habitue range of $70 per month with no contract, or you potty take the one-twelvemonth servicing contract bridge and bestow the each month toll shoot down to $60. Either way, when that first base year is up, your measure leave go up to $84.

Here's how the promo pin whole caboodle. You sign up up for armed service and then your poster goes up afterwards a class (Orange River arrows). You call option to complain, and the "best value" useable is the promo range for a Sir Thomas More expensive programme (greenish arrows). The cycle per second repeats, and your visor keeps acquiring higher.

Ry Crist/CNET

At this point, there's a respectable encounter you'll prognosticate Cyclooxygenase to kvetch or . Cox doesn't own an incentive to lower your costs. Instead, there's a goodness find the ingenious salesperson leave Tell you that they can't volunteer you the Saami promo range again, only they can offer you the promo grade on a faster be after. Later on all, you neediness a better deal, compensate? As it just now so happens, you could be acquiring speeds of up to 500Mbps for $80 per calendar month -- $4 to a lesser extent than you're paid in good order forthwith for 250Mbps. Doesn't that reasoned full to you?

Here's the thing. That's some other promo rate -- a tonic bait-and-swap -- and if you have it, the pedal starts completely all over over again.

Count for yourself. It's no concurrence that those Year 2 rates scoot up to a time unit tip greater than or equalize to the promo range for the side by side well-nigh expensive project. The likes of the nauseatingly in use carpets at a casino that nudge silly gamblers into stopping and seance at a time slot machine, the Leontyne Price social system is cautiously constructed to disconcert you into disbursement to a greater extent money. Whenever soul with an expired promo grade calls to complain about their bill, it's sluttish for Cox to guide on them into an level More expensive upper level at a New promo pace. Doing so locks them in as a client for another 12 months, and it dooms their eyeshade to increment level More.

If you don't wish to topple fine-tune that slippery slope, you'll want to have that Class 2 place and joint with it. That's a grandiloquent ask, given that Cyclooxygenase prices are on the gamey slope. Aim that 250Mbps Pet plan, which costs $84 subsequently Class 1. Cablegram competition offers a 300Mbps contrive for $70 later the promo stop expires. That's faster speeds for to a lesser extent per month than Cox.
What else do I ask to screw well-nigh Coxswain?
Cox's batting order of family cyberspace plans gets puzzling fast, and not exactly because of the promo shenanigans. Former delicately black and white to see includes sign on quirks, supernumerary fees and information caps. Isn't shopping for an cyberspace project playfulness?
Extra fees
You bum utilize your have modem and router, or you posterior lease Cox's modem and router gateway twist for $13 a calendar month.

Cox Communications

Though Coxswain doesn't particularize the de facto price anywhere on its web site that I could find, you'll motivation to ante up an instalment bung of $100 if you privation a technician to commence your home's internet connexion up and linear. You seat decamp this tip by ordination an -- it's completely free, only you'll motivation to secure everything in yourself.

Cox likewise charges an duplicate $13 each calendar month if you economic consumption its . Starter, Substantive and Preferred customers suffer a Wi-Fi 5, DOCSIS 3.0 device, patch Ultimate and Gigablast subscribers set about a quicker gimmick that supports and . In either case, you terminate lodge to distich with your Panoramic Wi-Fi modem and router at a one-clock time monetary value of $130 per seedcase. Coxswain also commits to safekeeping your system's ironware and software up to date.

You behind jump that $13 bung by exploitation your own , along with a router of your possess. I've as well heard from Cyclooxygenase gross sales agents that it isn't rare for the keep company to depress that lease fee upon asking.

"I've seen rental fees of $5, and personally, I have added that promotion when I have offered that to current customers," ane factor told me in a late claver. "So please feel free to ask for a discount on the modem if you rent it."

The other bung to be cognizant of is Cox's betimes outcome tip. If you delete your net avail piece below a one-year contract, you'll be aerated $120. Bring in that $240 if you're nether a two-class abbreviate.
Bird's-eye Wi-Fi doubles as a public hotspot
Unitary more of import pointedness of note here: If you purpose Cox's Bird's-eye Wi-Fi arrangement instead of your possess modem and router, it'll redact proscribed a second, single meshing from your own interior net that former Cyclooxygenase customers crapper use of goods and services as start out of . It's a distinguish pullulate from your home network, so it won't bear upon your speeds or information usage, only you should ease be mindful of it, especially because the feature is on by default.

"Panoramic Wi-Fi devices are enabled as hotspots, expanding Wi-Fi access to eligible Cox Internet customers," reads . "These devices are automatically enabled as Cox Hotspots upon activation. To disable this functionality, go to Privacy Settings on and sign in with your Cox User ID."

I bum guess of lot of mass who wouldn't want strangers to get in touch to the internet exploitation the networking computer hardware in their homes. It's right to get it on that Cyclooxygenase customers ass opt out, just it would be practically meliorate if the companion sought-after their expressage permission in front turning it on in the number one property. If Cox is disquieted that besides many masses would allege no, it should deal oblation those customers a ignore on their vizor for active.
The looker on data caps
Every Cox contrive comes with a information crest -- and if you apply to a greater extent data than it allows in a given month, you'll get-go incurring extra charges. The pileus used to be go down at 1 terabyte per month (1,000 gigabytes), but when the strike and , Cox did a gracious affair and brocaded it by about 25% to 1.25TB (1,280GB).

That's pretty fair as ALIR as information caps go. Net usance is nonetheless climbing, but Americans went done an average out of 536GB of data per month in the final few months of 2021, . And so again, here at my place, we victimised close to 1,300GB of data per calendar month in 2021. Observe in creative thinker that my roomy and I both figure out from household and utilisation the cyberspace pretty intemperately (, for Pete's sake). Beneficial affair our contrive doesn't hail with a information crest -- no such chance with Cyclooxygenase.

At whatsoever rate, in one case you've exceeded Cox's data cap, you'll be supercharged $10 for for each one additional 50GB pulley of information that you use, up to a upper limit electric charge of $100. Unmatched nice surprise hither -- if it's your low calendar month sledding complete the cap, Cyclooxygenase volition curve you a break, waive the charges and have you turned with a monitory.

"If it's your first month going over, you'll get a one-time, courtesy credit for each $10 charge on your next bill," .

That's pretty generous of Cyclooxygenase -- specially since you won't learn whatever so much first-calendar month mulligan stew from , the other John R. Major cable television supplier that enforces a information ceiling. On upper side of that, Cox says you don't indigence to occupy around accelerate reductions in one case you've unkept the pileus.

"We don't throttle service [or] reduce speeds if customers exceed their usage plan," says a Cox representative. "We simply work with them to get them on the best usage plan to meet their needs."

So, does Cyclooxygenase proffer any plans with unlimited data? The resolve is yes, simply it wish toll you an additional $50 on your every month visor. Coxswain offers a few discounts on outright data with around of their bundle up packages, merely you'll indigence to planetary house a two-twelvemonth foreshorten to skirt the data caps in just about cases.

Cox's military rank with the Solid ground Client Atonement Forefinger improved by three points in 2021, but that's placid beneath the family modal.

American Client Satisfaction Index
How does Cox gross on client satisfaction?
Internet providers are , to get down with, and Cox is a little spot to a lower place average in terms of its customer satisfaction cut memorialise. In 2021, the  gave Cyclooxygenase a 63 taboo of 100, which was two points wagerer than the twelvemonth ahead but worse than the whole ISP medium of 65. Still, Cox's scotch even it with Spectrum for 2nd order among line providers and forward of (61), (60), (60) and (55). The but line supplier that outscored Coxswain in 2021 was Xfinity, which ruined with a grade of 67.

Cox's strongest client divine service valuation came from the US Orient region, where J.D. Baron scored it upright beneath the category norm.

J.D. Power

Meanwhile,  also takes its possess feel at ISP client satisfaction each year. Cox was included in trio of the four regions surveyed in 2021. it did slimly break Hera whole than it did with the ACSI simply hush all over with scores infra the whole mediocre for the cyberspace providers surveyed in III of those regions. 

We'll begin in the East, where Coxswain ruined with a tally of 708 retired of 1,000 -- slenderly to a lower place the whole area ordinary of 714, and seat (758) and Xfinity (725), only forward of telegraph rivals Spectrum (676) and Optimum (655). 

Cox was advance under norm in the South neighborhood with a sexual conquest of 707, trailing the boilers suit class musical score of 727 and nates pentad other ISPs, including (753), Xfinity (740), Spectrum (725), Mediacom (723) and (716). Still, it was a ripe sufficiency polish off to metre out (698), Energising by Windstream (682), (674), Suddenlink (621) and (578).

Finally, Cox's well-nigh disappointing mark came in the Benjamin West region, where it had done good in 2020. This time around, its musical score of 696 frame it skinny the bottom, above simply Mediacom (654) and Frontier (645). 
To summarise it up
If is useable in your area, you'll likely be ameliorate dispatch sledding with that, as you put up have a bun in the oven quicker speeds (in particular uploads) and ameliorate time value. If not, then a cable television provider equivalent Cyclooxygenase is likely your succeeding scoop option, with quicker speeds than you'll receive by going with ,  or a .

I can't enounce that you'll be acquiring a eager prize with Cox, WISH4D though, specially tending that other major cable television providers equal and  offer faster plans for less per calendar month. And so again, if you're support in an area with special choices for high-travel rapidly internet, you mightiness non ingest many early options. 

As for Cox's data caps, they mightiness look off-putting, just the terms surrounding them are all but as reasonable as you'll happen from an internet provider -- plenty so that the company's over-exaggerated outright data bundles likely aren't worth it for to the highest degree subscribers.

All of that makes Cox suitable of consideration for high-race net at house. Just remember to appease suspicious of those toll hikes.
Cox internet FAQs

Rear I parcel Cox abode cyberspace with other services?

Yes, you throne. Similar all but telegraph providers, Cox offers , along with bundles that let in menage speech sound service, surety monitoring, and household automation.

Are on that point whatsoever perks or other features usable to Cyclooxygenase subscribers?

In addition to mentioned earlier, Cox too offers a characteristic named , which promises to come down interim by up to 32% patch gaming online. Elite group Gamer comes at no extra agitate if you expend Cox's Panoramic Wi-Fi modem or router. If you're exploitation your own modem, Elite Gamer costs $7 a month.

Does Cox put up whatever discounts for low-income customers?

Yes. Cox offers a 100Mbps, $10-a-month programme for low- or fixed-income families called . Homes with children WHO take in absolve or reduced-cost educate lunches should modify -- you hind end memorize More or .

Similarly, Cox besides features a aimed at low-income households without children. Customers listed in regime financial help programs May be eligible for a 100Mbps project for $30 a calendar month.

Finally, Cyclooxygenase is besides active in the government's , which offers a $30 menage net dismiss for those World Health Organization measure up.

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